Our Manifesto


Our mission is to sneak behind enemy lines, armed with fantastic fiction films, winning over hearts and minds while educating the public on issues of social justice, body positivity, racial equity, gender equality, human rights, and other compelling causes. The great propaganda filmmakers of the past reached their audiences not so much through soap-box documentaries, but by seducing them with captivating narrative and striking artistic imagery.

We live in an era where anti-intellectualism and misinformation run rampant throughout our media. At the same time, attention spans are increasingly shrinking. Filmmakers concerned with combatting this culture produce dozens of fantastic award winning documentaries, but unfortunately the people who actually need to watch these documentaries, never do. They are a cure for those who refuse to accept the medicine.  So as good as these documentaries may be, at the end of the day, they are mainly effective at rallying their own troops around the flag, winning peer nominations, gold

statuettes, and massive amounts of Facebook “likes” from people who already agree with their messages. Instead of educating the congregation, these filmmakers are preaching to the choir.

DCP takes advantage of the vast army of technically and artistically proficient filmmakers at our disposal to create compelling short fiction films where the message is subtly delivered, camouflaged beneath escapism, drama, comedy, music, art, and light. The projects we produce are commercial and slick, giving the audience an appetizing excuse to devour the films and their messages.

The DCP film is a delivery system, strategically targeted towards a specific audience to raise awareness of important causes for social betterment. Audiences are informed of another side of an issue or an argument that they ordinarily may not be exposed to. In this manner, DCP stands in concert with the choir to focus on the needs of the congregation.

We are the Department of Cinema & Power and we are filmmaking for a cause.